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We are EXPERTS in production and distribution of traditional mexican corn tortillas, tortilla chips, hot sauces & mexican food.
Importers of Mexican corn.

Our History

2010 -

Operations start in Vienna, Austria. Within a space as small as 80 square meters and a production volume not higher than 100kg of corn tortillas each month.

2011 -

With hard work we improve our production processes and reach a production volume of 500kg of tortillas monthly.

2013 -

This exciting year we start exporting our products to countries like Czech Republic, Hungary and the Netherlands.

2014 -

Hard work starts to pay off and we are positioned as the leading tortilla producer in Austria. For this reason the Austrian Chamber of Commerce recognizes us among the 50 most successful companies of the country.

2015 -

With a 1200% growth, we establish our first production plant outside of Austria. Our 350 square meters plant in Prague with a 20 meter production line has an annual capacity of 60,000 kg of tortillas.

In 2015 we were selected by CNN Expansion Magazine as one of the 30 promises with highest impact in Mexican economy.

2016 -

Established as the European leader in production of Corn Tortillas, we were included in FORBES magazine’s top 30 as one of the enterprises with the best business model in Mexico.

We were also awarded the “Most inspiring story” by FORBES.

In 2016 we continue growing; we will install the second line of tortilla production and our first production line for Mexican totopos.

We expect to have 90,000 kg of corn tortillas distributed in 12 countries across Europe by the end of the year.

Mission and philosophy

Our Philosophy:

Working happy, with satisfaction. Always being honest and responsible and never lose the passion to continuously improve.

Our Mission:

Conquer our clients through taste, sharing the feeling and flavour of Mexican Food, and let success come by itself through our products.





In MOCTEZUMA, we have invested countless hours and resources in research, infrastructure and technology for the development of our products as high quality food.


As MOCTEZUMA FOODS, we currently have presence in sixteen countries and we are developing a network of distributors in the major cities of all countries of the European Union.


In MOCTEZUMA FOODS, as a socially responsible company, 80% of our materials are recyclable. At the same time, supporting youth and sport, MOCTEZUMA FOODS is the main driver of the first American Football Academy in Czech Republic.

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